Monday, 1 June 2009


Hey folks, Grum here.

So we're almost at the halfway stage and we're making good time, actually. There's been meetings, rehearsals, character development and, of course, the adults joined in with the kids for a truly spectacular warm up on the night after Eurovision! (Still loved the 'Carousel' task! Well done to the winning team).

To keep you all updated, I'm creating & uploading regular video diaries as the rehearsals move forward thick & fast. In addition to this lovely written blog (maintained by Her Majesty, Queen Sue) you can view my video diary at

From a production team point of view, everything is moving really quite smoothly so far. Bobs and I are constantly blocking, and outside of rehearsals we are bringing together all the elements we need to for show week. It's going to be quite exciting and I'll try to give a sneak peek of as much as I can in my video diary. Olly's work with the singers sounds fantastic, the ensemble have really taken to him and stepped up their game from last year, creating beautiful sounds and what else can you say about Clare's dancing other than 'Wow'? That word was created purely and simply to describe her choreography.

AND on top of everything else (as if Wizard of Oz wasn't enough!), we have the rather spectacular Limelight's Got Talent 2 in June, which promises to be a fun & entertaining variety show, with a bit of everything for everyone. I think there are still plenty of opportunities to take part in this night of family frivolity, so get your name to Fee as soon as you can. Last year's was a hoot! There are some special treats lined up for this year already, though... so if you want to come along and enjoy the fun without too much effort, don't forget to get your tickets. Bargain at £4, and like everything with Limelight, all are welcome.

Anyway, it's getting late and too much Britain's Got Talent over the past week has taken it's toll on my sleep habits! (Although, how fantastic were Diversity!? Just wait until Limelight's Got Talent 2 - Steven & I might try to recreate that Transformers routine haha... on second thoughts, maybe not).

Goodnight Limeys and I shall speak to you all soon,

Grum xx