Sunday, 8 March 2009

Audition panel

Audition panel hard at work. Aaaww!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Audition Day

Well, those were quite a full couple of days. I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted! We auditioned loads of children and all the company members/principals over two days and I don’t think I’ve sat for that length of time EVER.

Loads of people worked hard to make these days run smoothly and I want to give a big thank you to everyone from the committee to Mums & Dads & Aunties & Uncles & Grannies & Grandads who helped to ensure we were able to see everybody swiftly and in such an organised way. I hate to single people out but I have to thank Claire Bloomfield especially for her hard work and energy in leading our children’s acting workshops on Saturday. Claire, I don’t know what you did, but those were some AWESOME monkeys. Also the ever brilliant Alan on the piano to ensure we got to hear the best from our singing children.

The kids themselves were a great mix of new and familiar faces. Bobby and I were really impressed by the level of talent on display in the audition room – especially when you consider it’s in an audition environment (and nobody likes an audition environment). We also renamed everybody in one group ‘Erin’ because Bobby and I kept forgetting their names (which would have been okay, except poor Sean got renamed Erin!).

Nonetheless, the kids auditioned, the decisions have been made, and the letters will go out soon – good luck to anybody waiting to find out!

Onto Sunday and an entirely different set up for the adult auditions – a new style for Limelight – register between 9-10 and audition slots are between 10-5. I think it worked pretty well – we were only ten minutes behind (all through the day) and it allowed us to spend time with each and every person who came through the door.

Just one word though about the standard that came through the door - WOW! Everybody gave us something different and each were strong. Brilliantly (or madly) they were all fantastic which makes the decision for us more difficult (but I’d rather they were all brilliant than not!). And so, to the decisions – well we are all as a Production Team having a proper sit down and we should have a confirmed cast list in the next 24 hours.

It’s very rare at the end of a day of auditions (let alone two days) to be able to say you enjoyed every single performance that came through the door but we did. And those who auditioned should feel very proud.

So, onwards and upwards, lets get on down that Yellow Brick Road!

Speak soon,

Grum x

P.S. A big BIG thank you to the ever Lime coloured Fee for reading in all those parts (aka ALL the parts) and John Friend for reading in also. And the lovely Kath, Isabel & Judith for keeping us stocked with tea. I don’t think I drank a hot cup of tea though, I was too engrossed in everybody’s audition!